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Tiger 3.0 Cups Electric Rice Cooker/Warmer

Item#: JAJ-A55U (WS)

Regular Price: C$ 200.00

Sale Price: C$ 165.99

You save C$ 34.01


Available in pink or white, the JAJ-A55U rice cooker with its modern square design, will be a welcome addition to any kitchen. It is small enough to display on a counter, even in the smallest kitchens. A drop-down front panel reveals the easy-to-use micro-computerized menu settings. Tiger rice cookers with the tacook cooking plate can cook two dishes simultaneously. They use the “Synchro-Cooking” function with an included BPA-free plastic cooking plate, which sits over the rice inner pan and cooks a main dish.

  • Thick inner pot (2.5mm)

  • Far-infrared ray coating

  • 8 computerized cooking menus including stew/soup and brown rice settings

  • Overall heating

  • 2 preset cooking timers

  • Detachable inner lid for easy cleaning

  • Tacook cooking plate included (BPA Free)

  • Cookbook included

  • Made in China

  • 1 Year