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Frozen Meat Slicer Manual

Item#: MS001

Regular Price: C$ 69.99

Sale Price: C$ 49.99

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  • ★The handle is ergonomically designed to save time and effort in cutting meat.Tungsten steel blade, fast cut and practical.

  • ★With powerful suction cups, cut meat without shaking, more stable, more safe.Slice thickness can be adjusted by yourself.Multifunctional, can cut both meat and vegetables.

  • ★Put the machine on the table and hold its handle firmly, put the forzen meat on the V shape bracket.Grab the meat with your left hand,and use the handle with your right hand to slice meat into thin pieces.There are instructions to teach you how to use our meat slicer,it can be used to cut any frozen meat,hard vegetables and food

  • ★The machine is made of stainless steel,It is easy to clean which keeps the blade has a longer service life. Enjoy all year long with this manual frozen meat slicer, Design for frozen meat,solved the problem caused by electric which will move and vibrate when it works,They advantage of our manual slicer is that it won't move because your force is down to the below.

  • ★The thickness of slice can be adjusted from 0.3mm to 8mm.Choose the most proper slice thickness for different kinds of ingredients. Speed: 60 Slices /Minute. Frozen meat can be quickly cut into pieces.